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Writing Archetypal Character Arcs Guided Meditations (Bundle of 6)

The Maiden Arc Guided Meditation

The Hero Arc Guided Meditation

The Queen Arc Guided Meditation

The King Arc Guided Meditation

The Crone Arc Guided Meditation

The Mage Arc Guided Meditation

What people are saying

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"I just listened to the Maiden meditation, and it was wonderful! Thank you for making these! I've had a block on a book I'm writing in a series.... This meditation helped me to reframe the story.... Wonderful wonderful! I can't wait to listen to the others, and I already know this is a resource I'll go back to again and again."

— Linda Rigel

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"I liked the way you invited people to use the archetype meditation for themselves as well as their writing/story. One has to be diligent in improving oneself to do one's characters justice! Meditation can provide epiphanies and insights that take that quest one step further. I can see it helping book and reader grow together."

— Marya Miller

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"I'm naturally a pantser or discovery writer. The guided meditations you're offering are perfect for my writing approach. They have just the right amount of prompting, without demanding precision and nailing things down. I don't know if you set out to make the perfect brainstorming aid for pantsers and discovery writers, but that is what you've accomplished."

— Ed Conway

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